Everyone who knows anything about skin balms and oils should get hip to Beau by Belle Butters. CEO Tasha Burton collaborated with the phenomenal Charles Wade who approached her about doing a men’s skincare line. Naturally, she named it Beau, because what’s a Belle without one?

Charles wanted to create a product for the face that could have multiple usages and be easy for men to apply. He says, “Skincare is too often too complicated and for this reason, many men neglect their skin. Soap, water and lotion are convenient and drug store products are more accessible. When I approached Belle Butters about a range of men’s products, my goal was to provide men with a natural skincare solution that wasn’t “fussy”.

The Beau Balm can act as an oil cleanser, moisturizer, pre/post-shave treatment, promote beard growth, groom and condition the hair and so much more. Inevitably, you will find more uses for this incredibly effective and versatile product. The Beau Balm is 100% natural and infused with ingredients to restore and maintain your skin and hair’s health. A little goes a long way and there’s no wrong way to use it.

For those primarily interested in the Beau Balm as an oil cleanser and moisturizer, please give your skin a chance to adjust to the product and purge latent impurities. We recommend that you use the product for two weeks before judging its efficacy as “skin purging” (a breakout) is likely. Stick with the balm and trust your body’s natural adjustment process because the result is what we call the #BeauGleaux”

Interestingly enough, in Latin the word “balm” translates to “spice” and has been used since antiquity for skincare and fragrance. Balm is a botanical extract and yields an aromatic ointment that has a range of medicinal properties as well as beauty purposes.

Beau contains avocado and mango butters which I’ve found are excellent for moisturizing as they work to make your skin feel like silk without clogging pores. Another primary ingredient is Abyssinian Oil which I’ve been wanting to try for a minute. Although often used for hair care, it is a natural seed oil with a unique molecular structure (nerd moment I know) and contains a large percentage of unsaturated Omega fatty acids. For my eco-friendly readers you should know Abyssinian Oil does not come from a GMO vegetable nor is it tested on animals. Oils high in Omega fatty acids can be slathered on both the skin and hair, ingesting them as pills also has a wide range of internal benefits including lowering blood pressure. So basically it’s just an all around good thing to have inside and outside your body. These oils tend to improve the tone and texture of your skin, prevent hair breakage, increase hair manageability, shine and strength. Now imagine what it can do just for a man’s beard?

Other ingredients in Beau include cherry kernel oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil and vitamin E. I don’t have time to get into each of those but just know they’re all terrific.

The Beau Balm can be  purchased here. It is available at an introductory rate starting now through May 30th. Place your order by May 30th to guarantee on-time delivery for Father’s Day.